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Structural Organization

  Department’s Director 

Name: Mr. Duong Minh Dung

Y.O.B: 1970

Professional Qualification: Master of Economics

Tel: (+84) 251.323317

Mobile: 0913756936


a) Responsibilities:

- Direct the organization and operation of the Department according to the functions and tasks assigned by Dong Nai People's Committee and be responsible to the Provincial Party Committee, People's Committee, Ministry of Industry and Trade for the activities of the Department.

- Direct the following tasks: Organizing staffs; Emulation and Reward; Discipline; Public Administrative Reformation; Direct the application of information technology in the management and administration of the Department's work; To implement plans, programs, schemes and plannings of the department; financial and asset management; To direct the practice of economize, prevention of corruption and wastefulness; To direct the work of administrative inspection, industrial and commercial inspection within the scope of its tasks and powers; Direct the legal work of the Department.

- To directly deal with some tasks assigned to the deputy director, but deem necessary because the matter is urgent or particularly important; The issues related to many deputy directors but the deputy directors have different opinions.

- Directly managing and directing activities:

+ Office;

+ Department of Planning and Finance - General;

+ Department Inspectorate;

b) To be entitled to sign: All documents falling under the promulgation competence of the Industry and Trade Department.

c) To participate in the provincial Steering Committees (to be performed according to the assignment boards).

d) To exercise authorization.

- When the Director goes away on business for a long time, he will be authorized to run all activities of the Department for Deputy Director Le Van Loc, then the Deputy Director is authorized to report to the Director about the situation of the Department in time authorized.

- In case the director and deputy director are authorized to be absent at the same time, the Director shall authorize the Deputy Director of Thai Thanh Phong or the Deputy Director Nguyen Tri Phuong to exercise the right to run the Department of Industry and Trade.

Deputy Director

Name: Le Van Loc

Y.O.B: 1973

Professional Qualification: Electrical Qualification

Tel: (+84)251.3843638

Mobile: 0913701808



a) Responsibilities:

- Direct the state management of trade in the fields of Good and Services Circulation, Manage thesupply and demand in the area; Manage Import and Export activities; To guide and direct the implementation of the provisions of law on competition, anti-monopoly and anti-dumping; consumer protection; To direct and monitor enterprises of all economic sectors; To direct the development of rural trade infrastructures and develop distribution systems such as petrol and oil trading systems, development of trade centers, supermarkets and traditional markets; To direct the operation of the Market Management Sub-Department.

- Manage and direct activities of:

+ Trade Management Office;

+ Dong Nai Market Management Sub - Department.

b) To sign:

- Certificate of eligibility for petrol, LPG (gas);

- Licenses for wholesale of tobacco products;

- Licenses for wholesale of alcohol products;

- A written confirmation of receival of notification of multi-level marketing activities;

- Certificate of plan registration for organization of trade fairs, exhibitions and promotions;

- Certificate of training in the field of trade;

- Permit for the establishment of the representative office of the foreign enterprises in Vietnam.

c) To participate in the provincial Steering Committees (to be performed according to the assignment boards).

Deputy Director

Name: Thái Thanh Phong

Y.O.B: 1973

Professional Qualification: Electrical Engineer

Tel: (+84)251. 3941926

Mobile: 0913746810



a) Responsibilities:

- Direct the performance of the State management over electricity area, including the provincial electricity development plannings, the electricity sale prices, the electricity-saving plans, electricity supply plans and programs to invest in rural electricity, develop electricity infrastructure for socio-economic development of the province, supervise units of electricity consultancy and trading in the area; Developing new energy applications, renewable energy; Recommendations on state policies and mechanisms to promote the development of new and renewable energy sectors in the province; To stimulate energy saving and efficiency in the province; To lead and direct the activities of the Dong Nai Industry Consultancy Center and the Dong Nai Trade Promotion Center.

- Directly manage and direct activities of:

+ Energy Management Department;

+ Dong Nai Trade Promotion Center;

+ Dong Nai Industry Consultancy Center.

b) To sign.

- Appraise and submit to the provincial People's Committee for signing the permit for electricity activities;

- Appraisal of specialized electrical design.

c) To participate in the provincial Steering Committees (to be performed according to the assignment boards). 

Deputy Director

Full Name: Nguyễn Trí Phương

Y.O.B: 1978

Professional Qualification: Master of Business Administration

Tel: (+84)251.3823317

Mobile: (+84)918.308.333



a) Responsibilities:

- Direct the state management of industry and small industry, including consumer industry, food industry, metallurgical industry, supportting industries, high-tech industry and other processing industries, state management of industrial clusters in the province; State management of enterprises, collective economic organizations, private economy; To guide and inspect the activities of associations, associations and non-governmental organizations in the local industry. State management of mechanics; Metallurgical; chemistry; industry explode materials; mining industry and mineral processing; environmental protection and safety management in industry and trade; development of environmental industry; implementation of cleaner production strategies in industry; In charge of directing activities of Dong Nai Industry Encouragement Center.

- Head of ISO board.

- Direct and manage activities of:

+ Department of Industrial Management;

+ Department of Safety - Environment - Technology;

+ Dong Nai Industry Encouragement Center.

b) To be authorized to sign:

- Certificate of eligibility for wine production;

- Certificate of eligibility for production and trading of tobacco raw materials;

- Certificate of eligibility for investment in tobacco cultivation;

- Food safety eligibility for food business establishments;

- A written certification of food advertising contents for foodstuffs falling under the management of the Ministry of Industry and Trade;

- Certificate of food safety knowledge.

- Grant of permits for the use of industrial explosive materials;

- Appraisal of mine design;

- Appraisal of specialized design of metallurgy, chemicals, environmental contents in industry and trade;

- Certificate of eligibility for LPG, LNG, CNG filling into tanks, in cars, bottles;

- A written certification of measures to prevent or respond to chemical incidents; chemical notification; Declaration of fertilizer regulation;

- Certificate of eligibility for production and trade of chemicals in the list of business conditions in the industry;

- Certificate of technical training in chemical safety;

- Certificate of training in the field of industrial safety techniques.

c) To participate in the provincial Steering Committees (to be performed according to the assignment boards).

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