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History of the department

Development Process

Dong Nai Industry and Trade Deparment was found after the reunification of Viet Nam, with a starting point is the agricultural province accounted for a large part of the economic structure, as of the end of 2015 after more than 40 years of construction and development, the field of Industry and Trade has accounted to 94.03% of the province's economic structure (agriculture accounts for only 5.97% left), it evidences that the growth of industry and trade has contributed to the province's economic development.

At the begining, the province has only 01 industrial zone, several small enterprises (with 50 to 100 employees), lack of raw materials, no technical experts. At the present, Dong Nai plans 34 industrial zones with over 11,000 hectares in area, of which 30 zones industry in operation, with around 9,500 hectares in area, attracts more than 1,400 project, with around 20 billion USD from foreign investment and 46.500  billion VND from domestic invesment, creates jobs for nearly 500,000 labor. In addition, the province plans 27 industrial clusters with over 1,500 hectares in area, of which 04 industrial clusters finieshed the construction of basic infrastructures, 09 industrial clusters have investors, attracts 187projects from domestic investment.

In the trade field, at the present, the business network are widely developed from urban to rural areas. So far, the province has 7 supermarkets (Imperial Germany, Metro Bien Hoa; Coopmart Bien Hoa Dong Nai supermarkets; Vinmart supermarket, Big C supermarket, Thanh Phu supermarkets); 3 commercial centers (Big C, Lotte; Vincom), 169 market, more than 3,300 enterprises and 64,000 individual business households with a total workforce of 134,000 people. Total retail trade has increased continuously over the period, in 2015 reached 122.7 trillion, 42 times compared to its in 1995. Export turnover reached 14.4 billion dollars, 63 times copmpared to its in 1995, the export field has positive changes in the direction of increasing the proportion of processed food, manufactured, goods group with high technology.


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